In this paper condensate gas and its main phase behavior, as well as the gas condensate field development characteristics and schemes in China are introduced. Most condensate gas reservoirs discovered in recent years in China are rich condensate gas and some with light oil ring or bottom oil, so their developments are more difficult. Because of commercial demand for gas, usually the blowdown was used in this type of reservoir. In recent years, there are gas cycling field pilots in both Tarim basin and Dagang area in China.

The retrograde condensation and revaporization characteristics during depletion process of condensate gas reservoirs with or without oil ring; displacement oil efficiency using the energy in condensate gas cap and the pilots effects of gas cycling are discussed in this paper. Finally, it is suggested that condensate oil should be produced first and then natural gas using gas cycling under the condition of lacking of both long distance gas pipeline system and downstream installation, which will bring better effects in the development of condensate gas reservoir.

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