Xiaoguai oilfield, which is located in the north-west of China, is an oil field with typical low porosity and low permeability. It is very important to determine the recoverable reserves during the development of the oil field. The high paramagnetic mineral content and severe lithology inhomgeneity, caused by diluvial deposit, make the NMR measurement complex and difficult. This paper illustrates a low field NMR technology to determine the recoverable fluid in the rock matrix of Xiaoguai field. The NMR results are also compared with other petrophysics methods, such as mercury injection measurement and scanning electron imaging analysis. Due to the high paramagnetic material content and the serious filling of the intergranular pores by chlorite clay, the T2 cutoff of the moveable fluid is much shorter (about 5ms) and the moveable fluid amount is very low.

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