The evaluation phase of oilfield development refers to the period from the discovery of an ojlfield to the development. In this time, only one or a few wells have been drilled, and usable data is very limited. But in order to develop the oilfield successfully, a geological model, which can reflect the basic character of the reservoir (conceptual model) must be built. Thus, a couple of conflicts between data and study come out.

Over past 10 years, many new oilfields have been discovered in China, especially in western China, and the geological conditions and usable data are very different from each other. Through 10 years of research and application in the new oilfields, many new technologies and methodologies in geological modeling matched to different oilfields with various geological characteristics and data have been developed, including:

Based on detailed geological and sedimentary researches, we integrate all useful data (seismic, logging, geologic statistic and so on) to build geological model and to evaluate the reservoir heterogeneity.

A set of new technology and methodology has been used and developed according to the character of different oilfields, which includes high resolution seismic technology under the control of well data, stochastic modeling under the control of geology, high resolution stratigraphy correlation and so on.

The modeling steps and methods according to different geological and data conditions and requirements of development plans are generalized.

With the development and application in many new oilfields, we found the models built by above methods are successful.

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