The continued challenge to increase reserves from producing fields has highlighted the need for further integration of the well construction process into reservoir management.

During the early nineties, the need to reduce costs while improving safety and drilling performance led to a change in Phillips Petroleum Company Norway's approach to drilling management. Despite staffing reductions, changes to engineering and operational philosophy created the foundation for significant improvements in safety, environmental and operational performance.

Faced with a reduction in offshore activities as a consequence of redeveloping the giant Ekofisk Field, a major organizational re-engineering effort was initiated in the spring of 1996. The result was a radically, new organizational model, which emphasizes customer satisfaction and value creation, while maintaining focus on competence building, multi-discipline team work and shared learning (organizational learning).

This paper describes the continued organizational and technological evolution that has enabled Phillips Petroleum Company Norway (PPCoN) to deliver advanced wells, such as horizontal and multilateral wells, with a clear focus on reserves replacement, while making continued progress on safety and cost reductions.

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