From the time that Union Texas Pakistan Inc., began operations in Badin, UTP personnel have observed several anomalies which are inconsistent with experience gained from drilling and production operations in other areas, i. e. the experience gained while working in relaxed sedimentary basins.

There are several recognizable differences between Badin and relaxed sedimentary basins, and these vary from subtle to gross. These include:

  1. High fracture gradients.

  2. Bore hole breakout and its ability to often predict the location of porosity/permeability.

  3. Bore hole elongation.

  4. Shape of drill cuttings.

The apparent reason for these differences is the high horizontal stresses. These high horizontal stresses effect many drilling and production operations.

This paper will discuss the techniques used to identify these various stresses and some of the affects they may have on drilling and production operations.

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