A great majority of the productive reservoirs in Daqing Oilfield are composed of various kinds of fluvial channel sandstones. Under the condition of no outcrop, lack of analogous modern deposits available for detailed investigation, basing on the rich experiences of our research on reservoir sedimentary facies, as well modern fluvial sedimentological knowledge, a new research method is developed, that is, taking advantages of logging curves of close well pattern on a large area, and to gradually analyze sandbody geometries and their internal architectures, and to finely construct sedimentation models of fluvial facies reservoirs, and to describe reservoir heterogeneity finally. By applying this to subsurface reservoirs in large scale, four types of sedimentation models of fluvial channel sandbodies in PI1–3 zones are systemically constructed. Infill drilling and production test data have proved the credible accuracy and wide adaptability of the models.

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