Severe heterogeneity of continental sandstone reservoir has set great difficulty for understanding and smoothly developing oil field. But can we make effective adjustment at late period of high water cut stage making use of this characteristics? Daqing oil field has made useful attempt, including developing new technologies to deepenly tap the two sides potential of thin, poor and thick reservoirs through fine reservoir description; conducting development adjustment in old area by taking advantage of various differences in oil field development caused by heterogeneity to realize oil production replacement and maintain oil production stabilization at the level of relatively high annual oil production; fluid production and water cut increase rate are also effectively controlled, opening up a new way of niaintaining oil production at late period of high water cut stage, and obtaining considerable economic benefits. Practice proves that this set of methods are novel in thought and feasible economically, and can promote the development of reservoir description and developing technology. So systematic introduction is presented here just for reference for the same type of oil fields.

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