Jidong is a rather complicated fault-block oil producing area which is characterized by broken structures, multiple reservoir types, complicated oil-water systems, big lateral changes, deeply buried major oil layers, severe heterogeneity and varied fluid properties. In addition, more than 80% of the wells are directional due to the limit of surface conditions, which gives more difficulties to the development of Jidong area.

Therefore Comprehensive study of multi-disciplines has been used in Jidong to improve early reservoir evaluation and development. Application of advanced technologies and theories such as production seismic, loggings, production tests, limit test, structural sedimentology, fine reservoir description, numerical simulation and contagious wells distribution has enhanced study of enrichment pattern of oil and gas. The strategy of progressive exploration and development has been adopted through "Integral planning, partial implementing, well-aimed studying, timely adjusting and gradual improving". Since 1989, the success rates of development wells has been over 95%.

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