Study in this paper, alkaline-surfactant-polymer combination system (ASP) as a flooding agent, is a new EOR technology aimed at oil with high acid value. Study has been proved that flooding system's rheology and IFT between flooding system and oil with high acid value are key factors effecting oil recovery. Formation of petroleum carboxylic soap from reaction of alkaline with organic acid in oil, petroleum sulfonate sodium and tritron system (OP-10) added in and their combination effect result ultra-low IFT even at very low surfactant concentration (transient IFT less than 10−4mN/m, balanced EFT as low as 10−3−10−2mN/m). Appropriate concentration of partly hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide (PAM) could significantly increase viscosity of flooding agent. Combination effect of both greatly increased capillary number which restricts residual saturation. Presence of alkaline obviously decreased surfactant loss in porous media. Oil recovery of physic simulation augmented by over 16% (OOIP). Net oil augmentation of 20667.7t has been obtained from a pilot area in an almost abandoned water flooding field of Gudong, Shandong Province. Oil recovery from central area increased by 13.4%.

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