The Texaco Microwave Watercut Monitor, (TMWM, STARCUT™) is a new technology currently in field applications for the continuous measurement of the percent water in crude oil production streams over the entire 0 to 100% range. The TMWM is a continuous recording watercut monitor functioning from 0 to 100 % watercut regardless of temperature, salinity, crude oil API gravity and the presence of gas. The monitor can continuously report emulsion status (water- or oil-continuous), salinity, density of the hydrocarbon phase and, in some cases, estimate gas fraction. Operator interaction is minimized by features such as automatic self-calibration, unattended operation at remote locations, remote access options through SCADA systems and self-starting after power outages. Safe operation in oilfield locations is assured by the design which has been approved as Intrinsically Safe for use in Class 1, Division 1 areas. Field and laboratory data is presented which demonstrates instrument performance over a wide variety of conditions including slug flow, free gas and salinity and crude density changes.

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