The prolific Arun Field in North Sumatra, Indonesia continues to produce substantial amounts of natural gas and condensate. The massive carbonate reef reservoir is beginning to require special measures to maintain deliverability to recover the large quantities of hydrocarbon remaining in the formation. Optimization of production from the Arun will demand combined efforts from Arun geologists, reservoir, production and operations personnel, as well as technical advisors.

Although Arun wells typically produce 40 to 100 MMSCFD/well, many of the wells have positive skins, indicative of near wellbore formation damage. In most of the field, the lower portion of the Arun has less effective permeability than the upper part. In other wells, high permeability zones are interspersed among more massive low permeability intervals. Well stimulation by acid fracturing can be effectively used to remove damage effects (induce a negative skin), provide highly conductive flow channel for improved flow from low permeability intervals and enhance flow from high permeability zones.

Six wells have been successfully stimulated by acid fracturing in the Arun Field. the stimulations and results will be discussed in detail.

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