Numerous advances have been made in rheology of fracturing fluids over the past decade. This paper describes the state-of-the-art fracturing fluid technology. In particular it gives a comprehensive review of the current literature on fracturing fluid rheology. It describes various fluids available today for the fracturing process and provides a review of the presently available methods and procedures to characterize the simple as well as more complex fluids. Further, our intention is to review and describe current laboratory methods for prediction of friction pressure under simulated field conditions within the wellbore. This includes uncrosslinked and crosslinked fluids with and without proppant.

This paper also describes the use of pipe and rotational viscometers to simulate laminar flow, of these non-Newtonian and time dependent fluids within the fracture. Application of data collected during these various laboratory simulations to predict wellbore hydraulics and fracturing fluid rheology is described. Finally, the paper summarizes findings, addresses future needs, and presents recommendations.

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