Most of the major horizontal well targets recently drilled in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom are reviewed in this paper. Targets such as reservoirs containing viscous oil underlain by large aquifer, thin oil columns with large gas cap, unconsolidated sands, tight chalk reservoirs, dune sands with unknown extent and distributions, fractured reservoirs, reservoirs containing sour gases and a karstic fractured vugular reservoir are described. The reservoir features as well as some well completion data, productivities and costs are given for most. Some new data, yet unpublished, has been included for many of the examples cited. The paper demonstrates that the drilling of high angle and horizontal wells has become almost a routine operation in Europe. As the result many targets of a vast range of problems are being aimed at and successfully exploited which would otherwise not be economical to attempt with conventional wells. The petroleum reservoir engineers are therefore considering the drilling of this type of wells more seriously and in a wider scale than ever before, in their reservoir development studies.

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