An evaluation of the current status of horizontal wells at Prudhoe Bay which focused on recent developments in the areas of well performance, surveillance and wellwork results has been recently completed. BP Exploration currently operates 17 horizontal wells at Prudhoe Bay. Their performance analysis is an integral component in the future decision processes of reservoir management and further drilling opportunities as the field matures.

Horizontal well performance data at Prudhoe Bay has shown an increase in oil production rate and accelerated recovery from a majority of the wells in comparison to offset vertical wells. The productivity of the horizontal wells is controlled by both the reservoir description and the well completion. Results from horizontal well workovers and stimulations have been varied. Analysis of the procedures employed has resulted in recommendations to follow in conducting future operations on horizontal wells. Case studies from two horizontal well workovers are included in this paper to highlight the risks, techniques and options available.

Horizontal well surveillance analysis is complicated by production logging tool limitations, horizontal multiphase effects and completion designs. Three production log analyses that illustrate the technical challenges associated with logging horizontal wells are discussed in this paper.

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