A new approach to the decision making in reservoir engineering based on application and development of modern methods of a systems analysis and multicriteria optimization under condition of incomplete and fuzzy information is made.

A special attention is paid to the methodology of a design stage of oil and gas fields development which helps to formulate the main goals of exploitation, to find a set of problems to be solved to get the best project solution and the methods of their solution most suitable for each particular problem.

An approach to a selection of EOR methods based on a fuzzy sets theory is described. It allows to differentiate the reserves on a basis of applicability level of each EOR method under given geological conditions.

The other problem solved is how to determine the best system of wells location within the reservoir. Based on a combination of statistics and theory of a dimension analysis such a method allows to build a pareto-optimal set of wells spacing and can be used both at the design stage and for the analysis of oil recovery process.

There is shown a technique of multi-criteria optimization to get the project solution which is the best one on the set of goals which should be reached during exploitation period of an oil field.

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