Sand control with plastic pre-coated sand is an important improvement of the technology of chemical sand control. Gravel particles are covered with half cured Phenolic resin to prevent adhering of shaped particles. On the well site, the free flowing particules are transported by sand carrying fluid to the formation to be treated-Under the action of the formation temperature, the particles covered with resin can be bonded by themselves to form a barrier during oil production. The plastic pre-coated sand presently used is only suitable for formation temperature above 60 °C. For the oil wells with formation temperature below 60 °C, the curing time is longer and the bond strength is smaller. The field test in Dagang oilfield of China shows that not only the problems encountered during previous chemical sand control operation can be solved, but also the success rate is improved. For the wells tested, the oil production is generally restored, and less sand flushing is required, making continuous and normal production of the oil wells possible.

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