At the Present time, the empirical methods are always used in the prediction of production performance of oil and gas reservoirs (or wells). For example, for presanting the production decline there are exponential, hyperbolic, and harmonic decline methods. All these methods are effective only when the production data of the oil and gas reservoirs change steadily. However, in many cases, the production is not a stable process, especially for the gas reservoirs (or wells) and the small fault-block ed oil reservoirs. In such cases, the effectiveness of the empirical methods is limited. In this paper, a grey system method which has been proved effective in sociology, economics, and other fields is introduced to predict the performance of oil and gas reservoirs (wells). Six grey system prediction models are proposed, namely, DM(1, 1), DM(1, 2), DM(l, 3) DM(2, 1), DM(2, 2) and DM(2, 3). This paper describes these models and give out the results predicted for a gas reservoir, a gas well and two oil reservoirs as examples. As it has been shown in these examples, the methods proposed is practical, reliable and relatively simple. The calculations of the these prediction models can be simultaneously performed on a portable computer (such as PC-1500).

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