The cluster drilling technology, as an important part of development and construction of Damintun high pour point oilfield, plays a significant role. It has overcome various difficulties caused by around conditions, reduced ground area used in oilfield, simplified the construction or the facilities, cut down the \ill\ of heat and electrical energy, reduced total investment for oilfield construction. Therefore, it accelerated ihe oilfield construction greatly.

A complete set of drilling techniques used in this oilfield are advanced in te-chnology, successful in operation, and a pioneer for developing high pour point oil fields in China. First, it solved various problems in general planning and design or development of fault multiple resèrvoires with cluster drilling firstly in China. At the same time, it obtained a significant benefit. For example, 17 wells were drilled on No. 10 pad in Damintun Oilfield: one vertical well and sixteen directional wells. By comparison with B platform of Chengbei Oilfield in Bohai drilled by Japan Drilling Company (JDC) in 1984, the technical level in design and well path control is nearly the same. Its success shows that we have had the ability to drill concentrated wells on pad with our own techniques. Second, new techniques such us new drilling fluid of high quality, low density slurry, proper well program, near-balance pressure drilling, optimizing parameters and, high pressure jet drilling, prevention and disposal of drilling troubles, detection control and data processing are comprehensively used in drilling, and a complete set of cluster drilling technology for producing high pour point oil and preventing formation damage in Damintun Oilfield are developed.

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