This paper systematically discusses the formation, types of reservoir texture of pay zone and physical properties of heavy oil in Liaohe oil field. The current technology of producing heavy oil with high viscosity, high pour point and high asphaltene and resin content is mainly steam injection to reduce viscosity and enlarge flow area. Heavy oil production can be enhanced, when quality solids-free or non-bentonite drilling fluid is used in drilling. Early completion is performed with casing run right above producing zones and cemented with heat - proof cement from casing shoe to surface. Gravel packing outside the screen pipe helps to combat formation damage by cement slurry, prevent sand production and enlarge flow area. The paper analyzes the techniques of drilling and completion applicable to various textures of heavy oil zones. It also gives the causes of sanding-out in gravel packed wells. Effective measures for longer life and better drilling and completion of well are recommended.

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