Coiled tubing is an effective tool in logging and workover applications of horizontal wells. Several operators have taken advantage of using coiled tubing to log or perforate wells which could not have been performed with conventional wireline methods. Specialized surface and subsurface equipment has been developed to facilitate the use of wireline tools with coiled tubing.

Production logging data, particularly multiphase flow testing, in horizontal wells have proved difficult to interpret. The use of coiled tubing packers and flow diverters to help isolate flow rates has improved production profile data.

Coiled tubing has been used to selectively place stimulation fluids over long sections of horizontal hole, i.e., 1,200ft (366m) and greater. It has also been used in zone isolation, cement squeezing, and setting of bridge plugs. Several cases are presented where the use of coiled tubing eliminated or reduced conventional rig expense.

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