Use of type curves based on the dimensionless pressure and its logarithmic derivative has become a standard method for analyzing well tests data. Recently, a new procedure for constructing type curves using a dimensionless pressure group which involves the ratio of the dimensionless pressure and its derivative was developed and reported in the literature. This paper extends the preceding concept not only to the pressure variable but also to the time variable. That is a new dimensionless time group is introduced for type curve construction. The major advantage of this is that the matching procedure requires the movement of the field data only in the horizontal direction. This improvement not only facilitates the type curves match but also increases the reliability of the analysis results.

New type curves are presented for wells in radial systems with wellbore storage and skin, and vertically fractured wells with uniform-flux, infinite-conductivity and finite-conductivity fractures. Field examples are included to illustrate the utility of the new type curves and the analysis procedure. The possible application of this method to heterogeneous systems such as naturally reservoirs are also discussed.

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