Our research results and their application on well testing analysis in the reservoir with double porosity in recent years are summarized in this paper. In the field of theoretical research, on the basis of analytical solution of flow equation for the double porosity reservoir1 , calculation methods under three boundary conditions, a closed reservoir with constant external pressure, a closed reservoir and an infinite boundary are given in this paper. The theoretical pressure change curves under these boundary conditions are constructed, and the effect of interporosity flow parameter λ, storage capacity ratio w and dimensionless outer boundary radius RD on the curves are analyzed. While in practical application, on the basis of the above research results, two analytical methods, that is, optimum matching and semilog straight line, are given in this paper for single well testing in a naturally fractured reservoir to obtain the related parameters: As for the interference test between wells in a naturally fractured reservoir, a set of type curves is given, which could be used in the interpretation of interference pressure testing data to obtain the inter-well parameters in such a reservoir. These methods have been used in fractured carbonate reservoirs in North China Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield.

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