On the basis of the study of optimum theory of system engineering, theory of decision-making and the theory of optimum control, a set of methods of static programmings, and methods of decision-making and dynamic optimum control for the development of a cluster of gas fields have been presented. A study of the case history of a cluster of seven gas fields has been carried out, and fruitful results have been obtained.

The study of static programming, theory of decision-making and corresponding methods has been conducted for the development of cluster fields gas fields in this paper. A technical and economic model of development programs of individual gas fields has been proposed. The characteristics of this model are to use provisional technical indexes of subsurface development together with the process of surface oil and gas gathering and treatment with which economic indexes are integrated as an issue of system engineering, all of which are studied using the common "techno- economic model". On such base, the techno- economic models of several gas fields were combined together to work out a "mixed integer programming model with multiple objectives for cluster gas field development" and such a model was solved using the method of non-linear mixed integer programming. This model can be applied for the optimum production allocation of each gas field after the total production of cluster of gasfields has been determined. This paper also describes the comprehensive evaluation methods used for cluster gas fields. These methods are used to work out various development schemes among which the best scheme can be sorted out. The above-mentioned results of study have been used for development of a cluster of seven gas fields in the central part of China, in solving the problems of optimum development speed of this cluster of gas fields and their production allocation programming, as well as the optimum development scheme and order of development of different gas fields. Therefore, an overall optimum program has been obtained and satisfactory results have been achieved.

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