This paper gives a brief description of the general situation of characteristics of oil production technologies in China and the results of application. A forecast of future development of these technologies has been made also.

In China, most of the oil-fields developed and exploited are sandstone-oilfields. In Eastern China, apart from Daqing Oilfield, most oilfields are complexly block-faulted. The sandstone-oilfields are, generally, featured with multiple reservoirs, long production intervals, great variations in permeability vertically, high wax content and high crude viscosity.

Huabei oilfield is a fractured carbonate reservoir. The reservoir is characterized by high temperature, and high well productivity. The reservoir is featured with double porosity by having both fractures and pores in the rock matrix. In the western part of China, the Kalamai, Changqing oilfields and others are low permeability reservoirs. These reservoirs are conglomeratic and sandstone reservoirs. In the 1980s, a series of heavy oil reservoirs have been put into development and some high viscosity reservoirs and buried hill reservoirs are to be exploited. According to the geological and development characteristics, the oil production technologies in China and its relevant infrastructure have been developed.

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