It is indicated in the secondary recovery practices that in the course of development by waterflooding, the point bar reservoir of meandering channel deposition generally shows a complicated production performance, poor development results and low ultimate recovery, estimated as about 30%.

Furthermore, it shows that this type of reservoir has a great potential with the estimated remaining oil reserve of more than 50% based on the analysis of swept thickness and water displacement efficiency of the reservoir by an examination of the data from inspection wells. How to tap the potentialities and how to improve the ultimate recovery of this type of reservoir are the primary issues that are commonly concern personnel in the petroleum industry.

In this article, from a developmental, geological point of view, modern deposits study is used, combining some case histories to analyze the geological factors which affect the present development results in which heterogeneous characteristics of point bar reservoir were the main items studied. Results of some related numerical simulations have been used and the program of mixed injection water and gas which can possibly increase the recovery factor by 16% have also been discussed, in order to further establish, perfect and prove the practices and the theory of semi-continuum reservoir model for the point bar facies sand body.

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