The OK field is located in Campbell County, Wyoming, USA. The field produces from approximately 8050 ft. (2454 m) and is operated by Universal Resources. The reservoir exhibits a high Dykstra-Parsons variation factor of 0.85 and a mobility ratio of 2.5. The reservoir was produced on primary for approximately 2 years and produced 3.8% OOIP (0.03 PV). Ultimate primary oil recovery was estimated to be 11.8% OOIP (0.09 PV). A waterflood was initiated in a single well and water was injected for 3 months. At that time, the well was treated to improve vertical conformance with a cationic and anionic polyacrylamide and aluminum process. Two production wells were later converted to injection with chemical treatment coincident with water injection. Total recovery of oil as a result of primary recovery and polymer augmented waterflooding was 41.9% OOIP (0.31 PV) as of June 1985. An estimate of 671,035 bbls of incremental oil was produced as a result of the chemical process.

Laboratory radial corefloods designed to evaluate additional chemical oil recovery processes indicate that the potential for additional recovery exists. Mobility control polymer and alkaline-polymer injection into adjacent fields' core and fluid systems recover 0.10 PV and 0.15 PV, respectively, additional oil beyond the waterflood. Surfactant systems (micellar-polymer and low concentration surfactant-polymer) recover an additional 0.31 PV beyond the waterflood in an OK field fluid system.

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