Operating companies are using precision perforation breakdown techniques to help achieve stimulation of their complete perforated intervals. Special packers are used to isolate one ft (.3m) sections of the perforated interval, after which a small volume of acid is pumped into the formation to make an initial breakdown. The full stimulation treatment is performed through the breakdown tool without removing it from the well.

Several benefits accrue from the use of precision breakdown techniques:

  1. Perforations are cleanedout and the formation is broken down slightly to give the treatment an opening to begin an acid treatment or a fracture.

  2. Status of perforations is established. If some of the perforations expected are not open, the job designer can alter his treatment to allow for fewer perforations. Pumping rates and pressures are sensitive to the number and diameter of perforations.

  3. Breakdown packers can be set many hundreds of time without maintenance during the breakdown, thus saving rig time.

  4. Limited entry stimulation is aided by detailed knowledge of perforation status.

  5. Scale buildup can be spotted directly with acid.

Subject paper presents field results, job designs, and engineering detail of breakdown packers. Application and operational details are presented.

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