This paper describes the technological achievements and experiences of utilizing a semisubmersible drilling unit as a floating production facility.

The technology of using floating production facilities, where fixed platforms are less economical to deplete small offshore fields, has been proven. Fifteen (15) semi-submersibles have now accumulated 100 rig years of experience producing and shipping oil from offshore fields. The semi-submersible rigs are used as floating production facilities to which subsea wells are connected by flowline and on the floating facility, the produced fluids are separated, treated and shipped. The floating facility installations are not temporary facilities, but are designed to fully deplete the fields. Gas lift, gas and water injection equipment are installed and in operation. The facility is designed to meet local and international safety codes and regulations.

The use of known technology to produce offshore fields utilizing Floating Production Facilities(FPF) will be extended to deplete reservoirs more economically than fixed platform development.

The conclusion of this paper presents the capability to utilize existing semi-submersible type hull forms to produce marginally economic fields that cannot justify conventional platforms installations.

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