Today, Measurements While Drilling (MWD) is a widely available and accepted service industry in the international marketplace. As it has matured, the focus has shifted from the novelty of telemetry to the measurements themselves; what can be measured, and how can that information be of value?

The most widely used and best understood service is the directional survey. The promptness and accuracy of MWD surveys has proven to be of real value in the control of difficult directional wells. The MWD service of formation measurements is growing. It is being used, not only for marker selection, but as the sole logging service for some footage. In exploratory wells, the immediate nature of the logs takes some of the guesswork out of the real-time decisions and the quality of measurements made in an undamaged borehole improves interpretation. Evaluation also continues on a host of MWD sensors that bear on the efficiency, safety and control of drilling.

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