Drilling offshore the Peoples Republic of China by International Services Drilling Contractors commenced in 1983.

Two years experience have shown. that operations have been conducted with fewer problems than anticipated. Today seven (7) international contractors have imported mobile drilling units and drilled forty-four (44) offshore wells in the Peoples Republic China (PRC).

The mobile drilling equipment available today in the PRC can do the job effectively and safely with no additional development of technology. The factors which influence the efficiency of the operation are trained people, reliable offshore transportation and adequately utilized storm forecasting information.

The operation offshore PRC compares favorably with other areas of similar conditions.

The major items presented in this paper are:

  • o

    A comparison of drilling in PRC to other similar areas.

  • o

    Operation of semi-submersible in Typhoon area.

  • o

    Training of local personnel.

  • o

    Technology transfer to PRC.

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