Thanks to great technological advances, computer applications, as well as computers themselves, originally limited to huge scientific calculations, have been considerably diversified. Data processing can now be combined with office computer equipment and with telecommunications, to offer a very large range of solutions to various problems.

In order to arrive at a reliable, rational and economically satisfying solution, the computerization study must be above all exhaustive. Most difficulties and failures in this field are due to the fact that some aspect of the problem was underestimated and even perhaps omitted.

When a data processing system is connected to an existing task, it will no doubt disturb it. Very often this situation is not accepted.

Thus the acceptance of such a system depends on mastering the psychological as well as technical and economical factors.

In this paper we'll try to show how data processing can help engineers and field personnel to plan and drill more safely, faster and less expensively; and how it can help managers in administrating and planning. Two poles of interest will be considered:

  • the field,

  • the local or head office.

Aditionally we shall show on an example, how the computer can be used to visualize operations timetables where various operations need to be coordinated, by the use of the Program Evaluation and Review Technique. The method is applied to the organization of a blow out kill in our example.

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