Corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide induces very serious consequences. In this paper, material evaluation and selection of OCTG and gathering lines were investigated for the high-sulfur gas fields in northeast Sichuan (more than 17% of H2S and more than 10% of CO2). For oil tubing, the corrosion behavior of VM80SS and G3 were studied by laboratory experiments. Then the experiments were rerun in the corrosive environment found in the Tian Dong 5-1 high sour gas well. Laboratory and field tests show that G3 could be used for well completion pipe in high sour gas fields. At the same time, for testing and evaluating the materials of gathering lines such as L245, X52 and X52/825 clad pipe, laboratory and fields test were also conducted simulating the corrosive environment of the North-east Sichuan high sour gas conditions. The results suggested that nickel-base alloy or clad pipe was a reliable and cost-effective anticorrosion measure for this application.

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