Energy consumption level is an important indicator to determine whether the process flow and process equipment are reasonable and optimal. Energy consumption levels of different gas plants and production units are different because of many influencing factors. Therefore, it is hard to evaluate the energy consumption levels of different gas plants and production units. Study has been done in this paper trying to solve this problem.

Firstly, influencing factors of energy consumption in gas plants are analyzed and categorized by inherent factors and non inherent factors. Theoretical studies of energy consumption have been made as to each unit in gas plant. By studying of energy consumption technological process and mediums, models are built for each production unit and relevant correlations have been established. A new concept of "Baseline Energy Consumption Value (BECV)" for gas plant and process units is introduced. Secondly, the process parameters at Baseline operating condition for different production units are stipulated in accordance with relevant standards, recommended practices and optimized operating paramenters. Then the BECVs of each production unitand a gas plant can be calculated. Finally, three typical natural gas plants are taken as examples for calculating of BECVs. The calculation results are analyzed versus the actual energy consumption values. Then the energy consumption levels of each plant and unit can be evaluated.

By the study of energy consumption of each production unitand gas processing plants, the bottlenecks of energy consumption in gas plants can be defined and the existing problems can be found. Plans for further process optimizations and energy saving modifications of process system can be made based on the evaluation results.

The theory and methodology proposed can be further implemented to other fields including oil fields and refineries for energy saving management and process optimization.

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