The redevelopment of the T2k1 reservoir of the Eastern district NO. 1 Block of Karamay Oilfield is a pilot tracey of II conglomerate reservoir of Karamay Oilfield. Through a variety of technologies of detailed descriptions of reservoir, recalculating the amount of resources and the dynamic flow lines as well as evaluation of watered out zone etc, optimize simulation model, refine and quantify the remaining oil and recognize the potential reservoir comprehensively. Based on the evaluation of well pattern in history, combined with reservoir engineering, numerical simulation methods, optimize wellnetwork and well-spacing and rebuild well-network structure, implementing the secondary development. After adjusting reservoir development plan, carry out research of rational exploitation limit, fine water injection and reasonable regulation of pressure field, achieving stable production of secondary development. Through the fine secondary development succeeded in making an already developed 50 years and nearly abandoned oil reservoir once again rejuvenated. Furthermore, yearly oil production of the old oilfield rose from 1.5 × 104t to 7.1 × 104t, the ratio of adjustment wells obtain the design rate is up to 94%, the proportion of achieving production capacity is 107%. Successful explore and form a series of technologies to make the production steady after redevelopment of the II conglomerate reservoir of Karamay Oilfield, which have a very important significance for old oilfields to achieve sustainable development.

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