Based on the analysis of fracture classification, controlling factors and distribution characteristic, in this article we established the fracture intelligent recognition system. In the reservoir fracture forecast modeling aspect, we established one one FM2 (fracture modeling based on fracture mechanics) system by combining geological statistics and fracture mechanics. Based on the modern fracture mechanics, has established FM2 system. The model has not only considered the temperature field and strain field coupling effect, and introduces Green Strain tensor in the small distortion analysis. Because of the reservoir existence varying degree's aeolotropies, so in the elastoplasticity stress and strain field simulation, mainly uses kinematics hardening theory. But the fracture distribution also influenced by later period structure change and others kinds of factors. In order to compensate the influence of these factors to facture distribution, the auto-adapted intelligent field control fracture modeling method is first raised in this article. Based on the common field control fracture modeling method, by contrasting the fracture distribution data obtained from micro electrical receptivity well log, modify the boundary condition and modulus by according to the error to make the simulation results achieve the most superior match.

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