The Super heavy oil in the Shengli Oilfield is commonly higher than 20×104mPa•s in ground degassing viscosity and deeper than 1000m in depth, and therefore the traditional development techniques such as steam-injection is not effective due to the high steam-injection pressure and little heat radius. The study of flow shows that the super heavy oil is dilatant fluid in porous media, the temperature transform to Newton fluid and the startup pressure gradient are higher than other heavy oil, and the oil drainage radius inferior to the heating radius. In order to improve the injection steam quality and enlarge steam sweep, proposed new technique that combing the steam injection with horizontal well assisted by CO2 and dissolver agent to develop super heavy oil. Lab experiment shows that the high efficient dissolver agent may decrease the viscosity of the heavy oil around the well hole and increase the injection steam quality; meanwhile, the CO2 may enhance the injection steam volume and enlarge the drainage radius effectively. By means of the plug injection of dissolver agent and CO2 assisted horizon well the super heavy oil may be recovered effectively. Moreover, well pattern and distance and the economic-technique limit are studied by numeric simulation. Based on the research, the thermal chemical technique is completely developed, and is very effective for the development of super heavy oil. Moreover, it is of practical significance which has been evidenced and applied in the field such as Zheng 411 block, Tuo 826 block and Shan 113 block with about 5000×104t reserve being developed.

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