The punched or slotted screen pipe is used for the well completion of the shallow heavy oil horizontal well in Xinjiang oilfield. But the sand is still produced significantly in some wells Because the permeability is high, the formation pressure is low, the oil sands cementation at normal temperature is strong, it is hard for the conventional hydraulic sand washing to shatter the oil/sand bed, the sand washing fluid is lost substantially, the sand carrier fluid cannot reverse out which cannot effectively remove the sand deposition in the horizontal section. Therefore, the Jet Negative Pressure Sand Removal Technique by Concentric Tubing and assorted tools were designed and developed. The computational software of sand-washing optimization was developed. The application results in 14 wells proves that this Technique can efficiently and completely remove the sand deposition in the wellbore of heavy oil horizontal well which solves the production reduction and off production problem caused by sand deposition along the wellbore in the heavy oil horizontal wells.

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