Super-high pressure gas fields in Tarim Oilfield mostly lie in the area of Tianshan mountains. the upper cap rock of these gas fields is salt gypsum formation which is deeply imbedded, this salt gypsum formation contains not only many different pressure systems but also soft mudstone and salt-water bed with super-high pressure, 80 percent of all accidents and complex situations take place in this section. Tarim Oilfield arranges well Dina-11 in Dina structure in order to change this adverse situation; all results and achievements during drilling operation are as follows:

  1. Drill through salt gypsum formation about more than 1,000 m, and salt-water bed with super-high pressure

  2. Drill through two low pressure formation with under balanced drilling technology

  3. Perform 16 times of blocking leakages operation with high density drilling fluid successfully

  4. Perfect well control technology for super-high pressure gas reservoir

  5. Find Dina gas field finally

Consummate the drilling technology for Shanqian structure and reduce the possibility of accidents and complex situations, quicken the speeds of exploration and development through drilling operation in well Dina-11

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