The paper shows economic evaluation methods of development project have been studied systematically. The work procedure of economic evaluation, index-institutions and comparation ways for development program project has been built. Predictable method of investment of development project have been put foreword, dead reckoning models of decision cost of development project and duration expensive have been built. A kind of forecast method of annual scale profit production has been put foreword, annual rational prorating production of an oil region has been finished on the basis of fully considering object production. Various condition of Petroleum market and resources both in China and abroad have been Summarized and analyzed, considering internationalize price have been keeping about 18$ per bbl in medium-term or long-term. On the basis of statistics and analyses of crude oil unit cost of x oil-region, considering indirect cost is main reason of effecting crude oil unit cost. Main reason that per ton crude oil operation cost increased is a wide margin rising sub-surface maintenance cost. Discussing existing problem of cost keeping and reformatory counterplan for at the present day.

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