Breaking a paradigm is to try to solve any situation with a different point of view and different sources. Everyone believes that for drilling a gas well, it is obviously necessary to use only drill pipe. Pemex Exploration & Production (PEP) is giving a tremendous change in this direction in the North of Mexico, in the area of Burgos Basin, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. PEP had successfully drilled more than 40 gas wells using upset tubing with WedgeThread Technology to drill the last section of the well, using the slim hole design and applying the "Tubingless Technique" for completion. This has given PEP the opportunity to save 30 to 40% of total cost of each gas well.

The conventional drilling programs used to be 17-1/2 in, 12-1/4 in. and 8-1/2 in. bit diameters and 13-3/8 in., 9-5/8 in. and 7 in. casing diameters respectively. This normally requires a 4 1/2 in. drill pipe for drilling the three sections, because the capacity of this pipe (torsion, tension and hydraulics geometry). Finally, the completion was performed with a 2-7/8 in. tubing with a permanent packer on top of the production zone.

The new drilling program requires 12-1/4 in., 8-1/2 in. and 5-7/8 in., bit diameters and 9 5/8 in., 7 in. and 3-1/2 in. casing diameters respectively. The 3-1/2 in. tubing has an integral connection on internal-external upset pipe with the Wedge Thread Technology to drill the last section and then it is cemented as a production casing (tubingless technique). Also this tubing has an amazing application to drill because its torsion, tension, bending and compression strengths. Therefore, this 3-1/2 in. tubing has a triple application: as a drill pipe, production casing and tubing.

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