PETROLEOS MEXICANOS and specifically PEMEX EXPLORACION y PRODUCCION has restructured the former regions around the oil fields called "assets", and this sector has focused on units of businesses, and the area of Drilling and Well Maintenance became a state-owned company which gives those services by changing its traditional technical focus to one emphasizing the technical-financial evaluation of its operations.

The present work describes the efforts to have a "Drilling Cost and Well Maintenance System", which allows transparence in the financial evaluation of the operations of the new state-owned company. The former institutional systems of PEMEX EXPLORACION y PRODUCCION used to total the information. The above way made the availability of its own financial statements difficult for the new organization to realize.

The definition of the financial structure of a new organization needs the setting of the methodology, inscriptions and the necessary concepts so that information can be reliable, useful and timely. One of these elements is the risk analysis, which has become an integral part of the decision maker in the oil industry as to know the economical feasibility of the projects. Therefore, the model of risk analysis used is shown in this work, including the "Monte Carlo" simulation with data of regional costs of the Operative Northeast Unit, statistical methods, analytic models, optimization, decision trees, sensitivity analysis and influence diagrams so that costs and required times for drilling a well can be forecast.

In a word, it has been possible to establish the "Drilling Cost and Well Maintenance System of PPMP" as a primary support of the financial structure of the new state-owned company. This will help PPMP to obtain its own financial statements and, of course, its physical-financial evaluation.

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