The modem reservoir management process involves establishing a purpose or strategy and developing a plan, implementing and monitoring the plan, and evaluating the results. This paper present application of them on Pantai Pakam Timur gas field.

Pantai Pakam Timur is a new gas field in Pertamina Operasi Rantau Aset Pangkalansusu. This field located in the onshore portion of the North Sumatra Basin Indonesia. The Area is approximately 15 km North-West of Medan. The Pantai Pakam Timur Structure was discovered as gas and condensate entrapment in the major of Belumai formation (Z-238S,2400), Apart from that, there is Shallow prospect of Keutapang formation (Z-127S) is known brightly as "Strong reflection" in Seismic which about 1300 milli Sec.

Since the test production has just started about 9 years ago, it is very important evaluate the reservoir characteristics to obtain reliable data to set up the future field development strategy. The Pressure Transient testing of several wells show existing very difference of rock characteristic (the main is permeability) between deep zone (Z-238S,2400) and shallow zone (Z-127S), which on deep zone less than 5 Md, then on shallow zone (under discussion) the fantastic permeability had been found, they were greater than 500 MD from PPT-05A and PPT-06 wells.

The monitoring and evaluating are being performed through several technical approaches respectively, which are continuous monitoring on production performance, evaluating on well testing analysis and evaluating the P/Z versus Cumulative gas production plot, that is used by comparing toward Volumetric method, in line to Reserve estimation.

Furthermore the gas deliverability was conducted based on modified isochronal test results of several existing wells and appropriate Reserve to get more realistic and maximize the potential. (The strategy and developing stage).

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