The Campeche Bay is located in the Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope with an average of 80 Km from the coast in front of Tabasco and Campeche states, where the most prolific reservoirs of Mexico are. Oil production in this area had represented for Pemex Exploracion y Produccion (PEP), one of the most important experiences. As a result, we had a great production structure in shallow waters with a wide experience in the usage of fixed platforms. The offshore drilling exploration activities, leaded by PEP in the recent years have allowed to find an important amount of reserves located in deeper continental slope water. For that reason we decided to make a research about the field development options for six different deepwater fields placed in water depths from 200 to 700 meters in this area. These fields are representative of various deepwater prospects that had been identified.

The objective of this study is to define the technology that is available to develop deepwater fields in this area, and to identity the scenarios that are technically and economically feasible to develop each one of those fields. The study covers all aspects of the development, throughout the life of the field. This involves a broad range of technology aspects, including drilling, production platforms, processing systems and subsea production equipment.


The experience reached in offshore development oil fields in Mexico, began in the early 60's with the Tiburon, Atun, Bagre, Marsopa, Escualo and Arenque fields exploration and exploitation which were located in shallow waters in front of the coast of the state of Veracruz at the North of the Gulf of Mexico.

Later on, it kept on studying the Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope, giving as a result the discovery of important oil fields on the west coast of the "Peninsula de Yucatan", what today is known as 'The Campeche Bay'.

Since 1978 the exploitation of oil fields located in shallow water in water depths from 16 to 78 meters were started. Nowadays PEP has more than 100 installed platforms including several production facilities. This has permitted the establishment of the mechanisms and strategies for going into deepwater oil field developments.

PEP through the Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (IMP) has developed the needed infrastructure to face the goals of the efficient development of its hydrocarbons reservoirs, for this reason PEP & IMP have leaded the personnel training on different specialties on a master degree basis in Universities and Institutes well known all over the world.

Also, courses and seminaries like submarine systems, floating production systems, risers and mooring systems have been organized in Mexico imparted by University professors and high education institutes, as well as different international specialists suppliers.

PEP & IMP have also participated in several joint venture studies with international companies such as:

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