The economics of developing a hostile environment reservoir should be able to support a high front end investment to make a completion commensurate with the risk. A completion scenario which uses current material technology and quality practices can influence the long-term cost of a completion design. A complete economic cost analysis would need to be performed to evaluate various completion scenarios. The well stream composition and reservoir performance data will help define the requirements for material selection and tubular sizing. Realistic quality plans and modem completion practices are necessary to successfully and economically complete current hostile environment wells. Amoco uses a variety of completion scenarios depending on the operating conditions. Amoco's experience using inhibitors and carbon steel in hostile environments has been excellent. With the emphasis on reducing long-term cost, the expanded use of higher alloy tubulars for production liners and tubing has been increasing. Concurrently, wellhead metallurgy and valve configuration has moved toward the higher alloy materials and larger diameters. Extensive planning is necessary to coordinate a successful completion. Good project planning will look at detailed tubular design, wellhead design, specifications and quality plans. One particular aspect of Amoco's tubular design is the use of a tubular quality level (TQL).

The current methodology of completing a hostile environment wells will be discussed from a knowledge base of evolving technology and project and quality planning.

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