The commercial use of Logging While Drilling (LWD) technology in Latin America & the Caribbean has grown significantly in the last two years as national and international oil & gas companies implement more efficient systems to locate and extract hydrocarbons. This technology has been applied to optimize drilling projects as LWD measurements are now routinely used for improved log quality, geosteering into complex horizontal targets, "insurance" logging in difficult drilling environments, and where operating rig costs create a financial need.

Case field applications are presented including drilling and logging depleted gas sands in high concentration LCM mud systems, 3-dimensional geosteering techniques, and time lapsed overlays for identification of moved fluids and wellbore stability. The examples and discussion that follow represent field experience utilizing Compensated Dual Resistivity (CDR*) and Compensated Density Neutron (CDN*) measurements to more efficiently find and produce oil and gas in Latin America.

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