This paper presents a detailed description of the current conditions of explotations in the Akal Field (the most maximum producer in Campeche Sound and Mexico Country).

The Akal field, naturally fractured reservoir, began his explotation in june/79 with the well Akal-IA and 34,000 BOPD of production about 22° API. The field development was gradually and in the middle of 1981 had 40 producer wells, now the field counts with 140 wells and 890,000 BOPD of production with 7500 BOPD per well in average and cumulative production of 4647 MMSTB, thus we can classify like supergiant reservoir.

This field has a good condition for the gravity drainage mechanisms like thickness about 2300 feet, high permeability around of 3-4 Darcy and top reliev about of 6000 feet.

It's important to mention that this field has a gas-cap which has been increasing from 1981, now at may/94 the gas-oil contact is at 5719 feet and we establish a continuos monitoring with TDT logs. Based in this monitoring is possible to predict workover and recomennd infill – drilling.

Finally, we show the match and prediction behavior of the gasoil contact through the time and different explotation alternatives done with volumetric model.

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