A proposal to carry out a well to well chemical tracer test in the pilot area of a field with possibilities to implant an enhanced oil recovery (miscible CO2 injection) with two primary objectives:

  • Detect injecting wells that cause salted water leak at 200 meters deep in well C1001.

  • Monitoring the injected water front behavior in each injecting well inside pilot area to define if there is vertical communication between two reservoirs.

Additional information could be possible to obtain with this tracer test as to identify the source of produced water in each producing well associated to each injecting well tagged, moreover, to measure irruption time, to identify channels or barriers that affect the fluid movement, to fix the main direction of front movement, to evaluate the front distribution inside each injection pattern in tested area and give support to field characterization in the pilot area.

To achieve these objectives, it was necessary evaluate the tracers program proposed that start with selection of injection scheme with six injecting wells tagged (one in reservoir A, four in reservoir B and one in both reservoirs) with six different chemical tracers.

We show the results of revision and analysis of each test include in tracers program and the investigation ratio adjustment used to monitoring protocol design, in which there were added several producing wells to be sampling and analyzing located inside the investigation ratio of each injecting well tagged with chemical tracer.

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