Several innovative techniques and practices have been recently implemented to improve well production performance in offshore assets in the Arabian Gulf. The challenges which followed past practices were identified and intensive work was focused on enhancements to existing well completions to increase well productivity and prevent premature water or gas encroachment.

This paper describes several innovative concepts implemented in three major offshore fields in Saudi Aramco. The methodologies of four technologies which were tested and implemented in the recent years are presented. These technologies are the practice of sidetracking horizontal wells and completed with passive inflow screens, the use of reservoir gas cap for artificial lift of oil wells, the Tornado technique for sand fill clean-out and the chemical treatment of wells which endured formation damage.

All these technologies proved to be successful and their combined application added value to Saudi Aramco's operations. As a result, the production targets for 2006 were met and the positive results obtained from the implementation of these technologies will lead to the optimization and improvement of future operational practices.

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