Worldwide there are almost 920,000 producing oil wells, about 87 % of these wells are operated using different artificial lift methods and roughly distributed as: 71 % are producing using beam pumping system, 14 % using electrical submersible pumping (ESP), 8 % using gas lift and 7 % using all other forms of lifting systems.

This study was undertaken using advanced predictive methods, high strength rods, optimum pumping mode, and unit geometry to optimize the performance of beam pumping system for deep high volumes oil wells. Three geometries of different surface pumping units were analyzed and studied including, conventional, Reverse Mark and Mark II units. Each geometry of these three types has been subjected to different design features that affect torque and different linkages affecting its kinematics behavior. The highest strength sucker rod string, beam unit geometry, stroke length, pumping speed and subsurface pump size were varied and analyzed jointly to obtain optimum pumping parameters capable to produce maximum fluid at different well depths. This study considered and applied many variables including; well depths from 1,000 to 15,000 ft, three different rod grades, water cuts from 0.0 to 100 %, different pump sizes from 1.25 to 5.75 in, stroke lengths from 100 to 260-inch, and non-API sucker rod grades.

The results indicated that the lifted liquid volumes and pump seating depths for deep wells can be effectively increased using the beam pumping systems. The surface unit geometry has shown a crucial effect of increasing the produced quantity from deep wells. The study recommended using conventional pump unit for shallow depths up to 8,000 ft. The enhanced geometry pumping units of Mark II and reverse Mark have been proven the superior type for deep high volumes wells because it required the least torque to lift the same quantity from different well depths. The study also presented successful field applications for deep wells producing high volumes.

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