This paper presents the results of an investigation concerning the development of more accurate predictive and interpretive models of the boundary-dominated flow performance of vertically fractured wells located in closed rectangularly bounded reservoirs. In particular, improvements in the characterization of the dimensionless productivity index of vertically fractured wells in closed rectangularly bounded reservoirs during boundary-dominated flow have been made using a mathematically rigorous model for pseudosteady state flow. This model has been used to develop predictive and analysis graphical design charts of the dimensionless productivity index for improved fracture stimulation design and evaluation.

Other issues investigated in this work were the development of a general relationship for evaluating the pseudosteady state shape factor of a vertically fractured well in a closed rectangularly bounded reservoir, along with a review of appropriate applications of the apparent wellbore radius concept to vertically fractured wells in finite reservoirs. Example applications of the dimensionless productivity index and pseudosteady state shape factor solutions developed in this work are provided for fracture stimulation design.

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